Top Sororities At Indiana University

Which are the top sororities at the Indiana university? Sororities are one of the sisterhoods that most female college students are into at Indiana University. This Greek culture can be fun and also offer assistance to students but let’s first dig into what a sorority is all about before listing the top ones at Indiana University.

What a Sorority is all About

A sorority is a college association established with the sole purpose of creating a sense of belonging. So, it can be said that Sorority is for women as Fraternity is for men. 

Through these organizations, friendships are nourished and brotherly/sisterly acquaintances are fostered. Originally, this ideology is of Greek origin but it has rapidly spread to some developed countries; particularly in Canada and United States.

No two sororities can be the same as they both will have different rules, regulations, guidelines, laws, restrictions, ordinances, and principles. Hence, for a female scholar to join a sorority, she will be required to possess certain qualities that confine with those set by the group. Requirements that will be needed may range from intelligence factor-like academic achievements to social life like campus activity.

Given the many benefits that come with joining a sorority, many scholars are always eager to join one. Not only that it gives a sense of belonging, but the group also helps to bond with other college scholars and can be of huge help when school stress sets in.

Purpose of a Sorority

A sorority serves as a hub for like-minded scholars to meet and bond in college. It also gives a sense of community belonging which can be something like a brotherhood or sisterhood. 

This generally, can lead to good academic performance and also set a standard when it comes to intellectual accomplishment.

Additionally, sororities also set a high standard for academic achievement and behavior, which means members are held accountable for their performance and actions. In short, sorority sisters are known to help out each other even after college days and this can be beneficial to those graduating. 

This is because the doorway to career advancement might be opened giving the willingness and distance the group members can all go for each other.

Joining a Sorority at Indiana University: Recruitment Process

In most Greek life, the recruitment process of those joining the group is simple but do endeavor and try not to expect it in American schools. Joining a sorority at the Indiana University will practically require three phases which will be explained in detail below:

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The first step towards becoming a sorority sister at Indiana University is through rushing. A likely sorority sister is known as a rushee while the entire process is known as a rush.  During the rushing period, potential rushees hook up with sorority members to see if their interests align enough to form a sisterhood.

However, there are cases where the rush sees many applicants and there is a need to narrow them down to the number that will be sufficient. To do this, rushees will be required to attend a party in most cases to earn a soft spot and place. At the party, they’ll need to discuss things about sisterhood and do skits also.

Once everything is over, the sorority sisters will then vote and select the ones they want. After all that, they will now submit a formal application asking the favored sister(s) to join the hood.


Pledging is perhaps the most mentally-sapping aspect of being a sorority sister at Indiana University. Once the scholar accepts the formal invitation to join the organization, she’ll automatically become a pledge. At this point, the pledge learns about the group, its values, history, laws, and provisions.

Upon learning them, a quiz and entrance exam will be given to the new sorority sisters and it will be a knowledge-based test on Greek facts, alphabets, and symbols, among other areas of the Greek Life. 

Hazing and Initiation

Hazing and initiation are probably the most bizarre of all. In short, Indiana University does attend to new pledges’ complaints; especially if it gets out of hand. 

Hazing requires new recruitment to do something degrading and it can range from dressing in a funny way to drinking hard. Hazing is not very serious in Sorority but the same can’t be said for fraternities which can go extreme.

Immediately after hazing, initiation sets in and this is the final process. Here, new pledges will officially be welcomed to the sorority group and will be deemed trustworthy to be shared secrets with. This is usually accompanied by a ceremony where all sister members of the sorority will be present.

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Benefits of Joining A sorority at Indiana University 

Joining Greek life at Indiana University can help one succeed in terms of academics. Numerous sororities have a minimum GPA requirement so being placed on probation is possible; even though you are doing fine in the records of the school. This can push one to success.

Another thing is that much of Greek life is heavily involved in philanthropy or charitable causes. Sorority sisters also stand to benefit from social and professional networking as they can gain access to work immediately after college.

Even so, many sororities at the American school are involved in leadership roles on campus which can be achieved through involvement in Students Union Government, Affairs, and other organizations led by students. In this way, one can create a rich CV that will probably result in something good. 

On the other hand, the downside to joining a sorority is that the cost of membership fee which is usually charged on a semester basis can be high. Sorority sisters also pay for formal events and stand to expend lots of time on a commitment to the cause.

Additionally, drug abuse is most common in fraternities but few sororities are also known for bing-drinking. 

Top Sororities at Indiana University

Listed below are the top sororities at Indiana University…

  1. Alpha Chi Omega – ΑΧΩ

Alpha Chi Omega – ΑΧΩ is the most influential sorority group at Indiana University. Joining a sorority at Indiana University is tough given the high number of interested upcoming female scholars.

Nonetheless, ΑΧΩ is particularly known for its friendliness and its score of 86.8% speaks volumes. The sorority also has a strong bonding among member sisters and scores 70.8% on social life. 

They are quite classy but score 70.4% on-campus involvement and activity while their popularity is rated at 61.2%. 

The sorority also has a total of 629 ratings and scores 69.79% on grading.

  1. Alpha Delta Pi – ΑΔΠ

Claiming the spot for the second biggest and most influential sorority is Alpha Delta Pi – ΑΔΠ. This group sits among the top sorority groups at Indiana University given its impressive ratings. 

Just like the one above, this sorority scores high in friendliness – 73.4%. The group also leads an exciting social life that is characterized by 71.8% sisterhood bonding. They are also involved in campus activity and score 61.6% on popularity, and  69.2% when it comes to classiness.

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The sorority group also has a total of 525 ratings and scores 69.16% on grading.

  1. Alpha Epsilon Phi – ΑΕΦ

Alpha Epsilon Phi – ΑΕΦ is one of the prominent sororities at Indiana University. This female-based group is pretty hard to join but once successful, can open doors to an exciting experience. 

Alpha Epsilon Phi – ΑΕΦ has a sisterhood bond rating of 69.8% which is quite impressive as well as 72.4% on the quality of social life. The group is also actively involved in campus and its activities; scoring 57.6% in popularity. 

Additionally, the sorority scores 67.6% on classiness and has a total of 364 ratings as well as 68.7% grading.

  1. Alpha Kappa Alpha – ΑΚΑ

Alpha Kappa Alpha – ΑΚΑ sorority is one of the top sororities at Indiana University. The group has a nice sisterhood bond rratingof 73% which indicate how much they value themselves. This gives them a 70.4% on the quality of social life.

Alpha Kappa Alpha – ΑΚΑ also scores 68.8% on-campus involvement and activity, 70.4% on classiness, 66.4% on popularity, and a high 94% on friendliness. It is one of the most adored sororities because of the way they parade themselves on the campus.

  1. Alpha Phi – ΑΦ

Coming in last on the list of the top sororities at Indiana University is Alpha Phi – ΑΦ. This notorious sorority group is arguably the most friendly at the University (scoring 94%). It also has a nice 73% rating on sisterhood bonding which tells a lot about their closeness and oneness. 

Even so, Alpha Phi – ΑΦ has 70.4% on the quality of social life, 68.8% on-campus involvement and activity, 70.4% on classiness, and 66.4% on popularity in the school.

Additionally, the friendly sorority has a total of 852 ratings and 68.17% grading.


A lot of lifestyle change usually occurs when one gets admitted into Indiana University. Joining a sorority is one of the ways female scholars can get a sense of Greek belonging and community. 

This article deals with the best sororities which are determined by grading done by alumni, scholars, and observers. Let’s hear from you via the comments section.

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