Top Golf University City Blvd

Top golf university blvd is yet another important entertainment destination that is located at the booming city of Charlotte,  North Carolina, United States. It’s certainly one of the best of its kind in the country and has a wide range of recreational facilities for visitors.

More so, Top Golf University City is characterized by hitting bays which comes packed with HDtVs; which are also made available to restaurant and sports bar. These and many more are the reasons the University gain its notorious status and we’ll be dealing on the packages to expect if you decide to pay them a visit!

How Top Golf University City Utilized Tech To Socialize a Sport

Though Top Golf University city may be known for its buzzing and all-exciting atmosphere, there are yet still, some contributions that should be attributed to technology. One of the many reasons for it is that the university City has many features that brought about its apparent attraction across all states in the country and one of such is Complimentary Club. 

This is one of the reasons why Top Golf University attracts a lot of fun seekers year in and out. These clubs can be use to aim at targets in the outfield. After which, the scores will be made by tech-crafted balls will make it more fun and engaging.

Another important aspect of the University City is that clients who came for golfing are not made to depend all of their happiness on having a good game. Rather, the idea and concept is about having fun as opposed to scoring points through pin-point swings.

Nevertheless, Technology in a way deserves some credits for whatever Golf university is throwing at the moment and many recreational centre analysts ranks it as the best in North Carolina.

Top Golf University City and Safety

Top Golf University City has some safety rules and regulations to ensure that golf lovers and fun seekers get the best experience without risk. Here are some of them….

Clean Environmental

Top Golf University City is located in a clean and serene environment. This is essential as personal hygiene can be ensured and numerous diseases prevented at the same time. 

No Room For Racism

Top Golf University City is one of the recreational facilities that abhor racism and does not leave room for discrimination. Offenders are highly punished and banned hence incidences of such events are low and nearly non-existent.

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Never Jump Or Push Others Into The Safety Nets

One of the golden safety rules of the University City is that no one should try or attempt to push someone into the safety nets. Even so, no one is permitted to intentionally jump into the safety nets as it may cause harm to parties involved.

Never Cross The Red Line

The Red Line is one of the should-never-cross area of Top Gold University City. In short, to put it more broadly, the rules states that only the active golfer should stand beyond the line. Others are advised not to cross and be safety cautious.

Golfers are also in their parts, required to ensure that co-players are safe and protected while on play.

Keep Back From The Edge

Another important safety rule of Top Golf University City is that players should keep back from the edge. Hence, standing very close to the bay’s edge on upper levels is not advisable and should be avoided.

Under 16 Must Be Supervised

Since 18 years is the legal and official age of a grown individual, Top Golf University City advised those over 21 years in age to supervise those below 18. These cuts across 16 and this is made effective after 9pm in the evening.

Never Step Onto The Field

Without the benefit of a doubt, Golf can be a very risky game if its rules and guidelines are neglected. Thereafter, this can lead to severe damage which can also be comfortably avoided by always staying in the bay.

No Running Starts

Inorder to ensure safety and reduce the risk of injuries, golfers are strictly warned against running on the build up to taking a shot. Instead, the golfers should ensure to always take a shot from the mat.

Don’t Aim For The Buggies

While aiming for buggies may be fun, Top Golf University City insists that doing so can lead to injury which their drivers are the most likely victims. Hence, golfers should not aim for the buggies to avoid injuries.

Always Aim For The Targets

One of the safety rules and regulations of Top Golf University City is that golfers should always aim for the targets (nothing else!). The boundary netting should be the final ‘Bus Stop’ for all balls hit but if it eventually passes through, then the University City does not claim for whatever damages that might have happened. 

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According to the University, balls report back to them when they’ve lost their way outside the boundary nets but the damages done is solely the burden of the golfer involved.

Top golf games

Top golf games are the major fun spots of the recreational Centre. It is specially designed for both amateur and professional golf players to explore and do what tickles their fantasy concerning the beautiful game.

More so, Top Golf University City has huge golf targets (when compared to others in the states) hence hitting a swing right at the very spot is more easy and less tasking (mentally speaking). So, what are the games the Centre has in store for golfers? 

Before going into that… there is a signature game available for all skill sets. Through the use of microchip tech, fun seekers are to to hit targets by hitting balls which in turn gives them more points. The closer the ball is to the target the better the points. And the farther the golfer is the better the point awarded also.

Having said that, let’s dive into top golf games for golf enthusiasts…

  1. Quick 9 Novice (For Beginner)

The first game for golf beginners offered by Top Golf University City is one that is best suited for a minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 players and it is called Quick 9 Novice. 

In this fascinating game, accuracy is really important. The game involves aiming for three shots represented by the colours Green. And Yellow. And Red targets. The rule is that the closer the shots are to the centre of these targets the better the points gained.

  1. Top Score (For Beginners)

Top score is an exciting game that is reserved for a maximum of 4 players with a lone player also allowed. It simply scores you based on how far you hit the target. Even so, once you get close to the flag at the centre, more points awaits!!

  1. Top Shot Rookie (For Beginners)
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Top shot Rookiee is another stellar golf game offered by Top Golf University City. The minimum players required for the game is 2 while the maximum is 6. What you’ll need to do is use five shots to hit 4 serial distance targets which are Brown, Green, Yellow, and Red.

However, if you hit the wrong target, your points will dwindle so do well to embrace accuracy.

  1. Top Chip (For Beginners)

Top Chip is a game that can requires a maximum of 6 and minimum of 1 player. It involves hitting the right targets and gaining points from it. Also, hitting the wrong ones reduces points.

  1. Top Pressure (For Intermediate Golfers)

Top pressure is the first game on the list for intermediate golfers. It is best suited for a maximum and minimum of 6 and 1 player and also needs accuracy. You’ll need to hit all the 9 items on the yellow target. 

Do well to ensure that you don’t hit a particular target twice because you’ll lose points.

  1. Top Scramble (For Intermediate Golfers)

Top scramble is yet another exciting game for golf intermediate players. With a maximum of 4 players and minimum of 1, the game requires golfers to play against each other in  mano-a-mano on a level playing field. 

  1. Top Shot Intermediate (For Intermediate Golfers)

This game is best suited for a minimum of 2 players and maximum of 4. This game of accuracy demands you to hit the target for 4 consecutive times for 5 shots on Blue, Brown, Green, and Yellow.

  1. Top Drive (For Advanced golfers)

Top drive is the first advanced golf game offered by Top Golf University City on the list. It is mostly situated for a minimum of a player and maximum of 4 players. Here, only the Trench and White get points and the targets are far.

  1. Top Pressure Advanced (For advanced golfers)

This game is available only to those who hit 100 points upwards on Topgolf or at least 30 points in standard top pressure.


Top Golf University City is a fascinating place for fun seekers and golf lovers alike. This recreational facility is home to many equipment that provide fun and entertainment. 

They also host many games which are categorised based on difficulty and its high tech features stands out among its kind in the United States

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