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Since time immemorial, training dogs in a proper way have proved to be one of the hardest things in human existence. This carnivorous animal comes with its share of problems despite being named “Man’s Best Friend”. 

However, there are many emerging schools that offer programs on how to train dogs and Top Dog Academy is proudly one of them. The online veterinary school offers a high-quality education on dog training and its tutors are experts and have been in the game for a long time. 

The Academy runs one of the most effective dog programs – and the large volume of positive comments from subscribers speaks volumes about the program. This article deals exclusively with Top Dog Academy and why it can be a perfect program for you.

What Top Dog Academy Has In Offer

Tog Dog Academy offers solutions to dog owners who think that their pets are too good or bad to change. To become a member of the program, you will be required to subscribe and once you do that, you’ll be able to access the following…

  • Periodic Live Seminars
  • 100+ hours of dog training videos
  • Questions and Answers Sessions: which you can actively participate in and ask questions concerning your dog
  • Podcasts
  • Ebooks
  • Multiple Dog training handouts and Worksheets
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook group: here, you can get answers to questions by professionals in dog training and also access its rich content.
  • Dozens of Recorded Seminars and Workshops

And these are not all! There are many more knowledge you’ll stand to get. Nevertheless, we’ll be dealing on pricing next to see if it’s actually cheap or expensive.

Top Dog Academy Programs And Their Prices

1. Behavior Problems Compendium

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $200

Behaviour problems compendiumm is undoubtedly one of the richest programs offered by the academy. It aims at solving a dog’s psychological problems that usually leads to its incessant barking, violent chewing, transfer of aggression, rolling in the mud, show of cowardice, anxiety from being separated from a familiar environment, fearfulness, lack of composure among a host of several others. 

The program contains a total of 193 lessons and is highly rated – scoring 5.0 on the average.

2. Essential Puppy Training Course

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $200.00

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Essential Puppy Training Course is a stellar dog training programs with packages that appeal strongly. As we all know, training a dog from its young (A.K.A puppy) stage is the best and most effective of all ways. 

This is because the dog at the stage, has not yet been left an imprint in memory hence ideas are more likely to stick. Nevertheless, the program is priced at $200 and contains 128 lessons.

3. Dog Training

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $200.00

Dog Training may sound like a cliche, but it’s truly one of the best programs offered by top dog academy. What makes this particular program interesting is the fact that the academy aims to attain perfection in regard dog training. 

Therefore, to achieve this, the tutors covers a comprehensive course outlines that moves from simple dog training tips to complex tasks.

The program has a 5.0 average rating and contains 67 lessons.

4. The Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $100

The Treatment and Prevention of Dog Aggression: Biting and Fighting is the cheapest dog training course offered by Top Dog Academy. However, this does not mean that the content itself is cheap. 

The course is very valuable as it walks dog owners on ways to handle dogs with reactivity issues. The methods adopted are not harsh but rather fun and simple. The program comprises of 30 lessons and have received positive reviews from previous and current subscribers.

5. SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy (4 Days)

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $300

SIRIUS Dog Trainer Academy is the most expensive dog training program offered by Top Dog Academy. This program is specially crafted for those who take dog training as a business and gain dividends from it as opposed to those who do it based on passion and love alone.

It shows steps on how you can manage and promote your dog training business and the cost is $300. The dog training program has 74 lessons attached to it with 

a 5.0 average rating.

6. Reliability & Games Dog Training Workshop (2 Days)

Cost of the Dog Training Program: $200

Reliability & Games Dog Training Workshop is one the exclusive dog training programs offered by Top Dog Academy. It aims at making dog owners realize the usefulness of dog training games and how to establish a consistent effective method of gaining motivation on the course of training your dog.

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The dog training program is highly rated and contains 27 lessons.

How the Pricing Works

Top Dog Academy offers one of the cheapest dog training fees in the United States. The program is designed and made available for dog owners across the world. 

However, pricing will only differ depending on the currency that you are using. But, Nevertheless, the monthly price for a one month program will cost you $20 and it is auto-renewal. You can cancel the subscription anytime you want to via forwarding a mail to Top Dog Academy.

More so, there are also discounted promotions and free trails whose policy can change anytime. You can subscribe for the annual plan which cost $150 as opposed to the monthly plan that cost $20. On doing so, you’ll be saving 62.5% in total cost.

Top Instructors at Top Dog Academy 

Dr. Ian Dunbaris:

Dr. Ian Dunbaris is one of the most successful dog trainers in the globe. This respected pet expert majors on dog behaviour and how much they can mean. 

The American has a vet Degree as well as a Doctorate from the London University and the University of California, Berkeley respectively. Dr. Ian has contributed enormously on dog training and has adopted methods that proves to work optimally. 

The notorious Association of Professional Dog Trainers which stands as the biggest association of dog trainers in the globe is his property.

Kelly Dunbar:

Kelly Dunbar is one of the most talented dog trainers alive. She has been very passionate about training dogs and spending her whole life disciplining dogs is just a testament to that. 

Kelly has her personal dog behavior counseling service in Chicago then in Los Angeles at the SPCALA’s Outreach Department.

She has also affiliated with Ian to create an online presence called Dog Star Daily – a website where dog information are given out for free of charge.

Does Top Dog Academy has a 100% Tuition-Refund Warranty?

Yes they do. Top Dog Academy has a warranty for subscribers who thinks that the program might be too good to be true. To arrest any trace of suspicion, the dog training Academy has put it into agreement to refund 100% of tuition paid within 30 days. 

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If you purchase any of the program and at the end, feel cheated upon, you can apply for a refund and get your hard-earned money back. 

FAQ about Top Dog Academy

Who is the Top Dog Academy for?

The Top Dog Academy is not meant for only a designated group of people but for all those who have or aspiring to own a dog  and wish to transform the pet; character wise. It is available for all levels irrespective of whether you have experience with dogs or not.

How long do I get access to the content?

The content are made available once you subscribe and will be there pending when your subscription will expire. If it does, you’ll need to subscribe again to access them and you’ll be needing data to watch the videos.

Is it possible to download any of the content?

Yes, it is possible, though you can’t try that for all. A good majority of the content are exclusively available on the website hence you’ll be needing to take down some notes. 

Even so, there are also some audio files like podcasts as well as ebooks available for downloads.

Does Top Dog Academy offer an annual subscription?

Yes, they do. You can subscribe for the annual plan which cost $150 as opposed to the monthly plan that cost $20. By doing so, you’ll be saving 62.5% in total cost. You can do this by clicking on the link under the “Welcome to Dunbar Academy” caption on the webpage of the Academy.

What payment methods does Top Dog Academy accept?

Currently, the only payment method accepted by Top dog Academy is Credits Card. Master’s and Visa Card are accepted. If you’re using PayPal, then it’s best to know that it is not acceptable in the meantime.


Training dogs can be difficult and stressful given their nature hence Top dog Academy can come to the rescue in such cases. The platform offers subscribers effective dog training programs taught by leading dog experts and courses are practicable, easy, and fun to do.

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