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Top Chef University is a prestigious online education service provider that trains aspiring culinarians on how to make the best of dishes.

There are a few reasons why it should be an ideal pick for any chef and one is that it is very cheap and everything is done online.

Read on for more information about the university…

How Top Chef University Came To Be

Top Chef University came into existence on May 19_ 2010 which marked the day it was launched and made official. It was the beginning of something big though the foundation was already laid before the launch. 

In the whole United States, there are very few culinarian academies that match Top Chef University in terms of course comprehensiveness, easy-to-use mobile application, and pricing.

The online chef training platform has over 200 lessons in stock across 12 courses that encompass nearly all skills and knowledge a chef needs to know about the kitchen. The university also offers advanced chef programs that train cooks in deeper culinary skills.

Even so, during the launching of the prestigious online culinarian school, many experts reacted to the development. Moreover, Culinary Director Anthony Hoy Dong and “Top Chef’s” own resident judge Gail Simmons are the two brains behind the formulation of the cooking courses which cover the basics like how to handle knives to advanced courses like the current trend in culinarian science.

The program which can be accessed via ( is also ideal for those who love cooking at home and even experienced foodies too! Its pricing is just a piece of cake when compared to the standard payments charged by many chef schools across the country.

Moreover, the program is available 24/7, and at some point in time, the scholars will be tested on how far they have gone with their training to become certified cooks; which will be done via report cards. Interactive platforms like Webinars will be available for students to post questions that they don’t understand. 

Top Chef University sees to it by assigning chefs to answer those questions and ensuring that scholars asking them receive full clarifications.

Commenting on the nature of the University’s platform, Jeff Goldenberg of Post Oak Productions said:

“Top Chef is one of television’s most popular franchises and we are delighted to be extending this property to the web with what we believe to be the ultimate destination for culinary education. We have developed the site with like-minded, food lovers in mind and believe our top-notch curriculum and instructors will be a real asset to those fans who want to learn from the best in the business.”

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Furthermore, on the University, Jennifer Turner, Vice President, Licensing and Strategic Partnerships, Bravo Media and Oxygen Media commented:

“We’re pleased to extend the Top Chef brand into an experiential product that is accessible, user-friendly, and educational.

“Top Chef University allows fans to learn from their favorite chef’testants as well as for people who don’t currently watch the show but want to have comprehensive cooking instruction. We want to create innovative brand extensions that resonate with fans as well as a broader audience that loves food, and Top Chef University is a great example.”

Anthony Hoy Dong, the site’s culinary advisor, added: 

“This coursework is designed for anyone and everyone who has ever dreamed of expanding their culinary knowledge and it is a thrill to have been part of the creative process from the ground up.”

Courses available at the University 

Top Chef University university is arguably the cheapest (for both online and offline) chef school in the United States. To become “top chef certified” students are to pay a one-time fee of $200 for the full package. 

This is a good deal given that cooking skills are best learned online as one will be able to watch and also put it into practice. More so, according to “Top Chef University”, scholars are eligible to sign up for one course per month at a rate of $25. 

Though extensions are also available, scholars can also sign up at once for all available programs which are charged $200 for the 60-hour program. And even as the prices are cheap and affordable, the quality of education is high. 

Prominent chefs and intellects like Marcel Vigneron, Richard Blais, and Stephanie Izzard are the ones teaching some of the courses. Demo videos are also available for students to watch.

Courses Available At Top Chef University 

Courses available in the Top Chef online app include: 

1. Basics and Techniques

This is the introduction part of the course outline. It deals with concepts and techniques involved in culinarian studies and is regarded as a foundation program.

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2. Stocks, Soups, Sauces, Raw

Stocks, Soups, Sauces, and Raw throw light into how the quadruple can be deliciously and elegantly made. Mini-courses like time of cooking, correct ingredients, and preparation methods are brought to the limelight.

3. Cooking Techniques I: Sauté, Boil, Grill

Cooking technique is a tricky subject matter as far as chef education is involved. Different food and delicacies require varying methods of preparation and this part throws most people off balance.

Cooking Techniques I: Sauté, Boil, Grill offered by Top Chef University aims at educating upcoming chefs on when to use the boiling cooking technique or that of the grilling or that of the Sauté. 

It also shows in detail the preparatory methods and what to do before kicking off the cooking process.

4. Cooking Techniques II: Roast, Braise, Fry, Confit

This course goes more advanced than the previous one we just discussed. It encompasses how sweet-savory meals can be made via roasting, braising, frying, and confit. These cooking methods usually result in the production of foods with better and improved taste.

5. Vegetables, Eggs, Dairy, Cheese

Vegetables, Eggs, Dairy, and Cheese are another important program offered by Top Chef University. It focuses on the different types of vegetables and dairy and their appropriate preparatory methods. It also puts into the limelight how to make good meals centered on eggs as well as the production of tasty cheese. 

6. Poultry/Pig

Poultry is a big course that is based on meats and products from birds such as Chicken, Turkey, and Ducks. Top chef university teaches scholars how to make pork meat like a pro as well as how to prepare poultry products.

7. Beef/Lamb/Offal

Beef, Lamb, and Offal are culinarian curricula offered by top chef universities. It is specially designed to educate scholars on how to prepare meals for the trio.

8. Fish, Seafood

This program educates students on how to cook fish and any other type of seafood. It entails the processes, preparatory methods, guidelines, and steps involved in making such dishes to near-perfection.

9. Pasta Grains, Bread

Pasta Grains, Bread is one of the programs offered by Top Chef University. Though bread is made from flour, there are different ways to bake it which excel both in aroma and taste; and this also applies to Pasta Grains. 

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This course gives a detailed answer to that and shows steps on how to become an expert in that aspect.

    Desserts is one of the curricula offered by Top chef University. Here, upcoming chefs are taught how to make different pies among other deserts for a sweet tooth.

    10. Global Cuisine

    Global Cuisine teaches scholars how to make dishes that appeal to an international audience. Potential chefs are taught how to make sweet and savory intercontinental dishes by experts in the field.

    11. Entertaining, Molecular, Advanced Technique

    Entertaining, Molecular, Advanced Technique is an advanced curriculum. This program is aimed at impacting potential cooks with advanced culinarian skills to compete on the International stage. It shows an in-depth review of what meals are composed of and how to spice them up without compromising the latest trends.

    Furthermore, there are other programs on offer but they deal with some of “Top Chef’s” fan favorites and finalists and are made available by the instructors. These are like additional programs that are aimed at serving as an extra motivation to potential chefs.

    These additional courses focus on the cooking of successful culinarians and how they made it to be the best. These courses are fully listed below…

    1. Stephanie Izard, Winner and Fan Favorite, “Top Chef: Chicago”
    2. Ariane Duarte, “Top Chef: New York”
    3. Spike Mendelsohn, “Top Chef: Chicago”
    4. Brian Malarkey, “Top Chef: Miami”
    5. Richard Blais, Finalist, “Top Chef: Chicago”
    6. Carla Hall, Finalist, “Top Chef: New York”
    7. Nikki Cascone, “Top Chef: Chicago”
    8. Chris ‘CJ’ Jacobson, “Top Chef: Miami”
    9. Marcel Vigneron, Finalist, “Top Chef: Los Angeles”
    10. Dale Levitski, Finalist, “Top Chef: Miami”
    11. Kevin Gillespie, Finalist and Fan Favorite, “Top Chef: Las Vegas”

    Finals Words

    Culinary arts is the best fit program for potential chefs who wants to get certified and it doesn’t usually come cheap. Fortunately, Top Chef University is a(n) (app) platform that allows one to get certified for just $200 for the whole package. 

    The academic establishment opens the doorway for cooks who aim to become sous chefs or kitchen managers in the future and at the same time, to those wishing to attend chef school at an affordable rate –  with a single course going for as low as $25 per month.

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