Sports Management Courses in South Africa

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It’s difficult to describe just how important sport is in South Africa. In fact, many of the country’s most famous cultural figures and figures of inspiration have been sportsmen, including Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko, who are now regarded as national heroes and part of the country’s history.

The Olympic Games held in South Africa in 2010 were also an enormous point of pride and helped draw global attention to the country’s rich sporting heritage and competitive spirit. 

Sports Management Courses in South Africa

The Bachelor’s Degree Programme 

Sports Management has been made possible at UCT through a unique collaboration between Sport Science and Recreation, Business Science and Economics, and Architecture and Health Sciences. This programme will allow students to access knowledge from a diverse range of faculties in order to fully understand sport as an industry. 

The course is designed to provide you with broad-based management skills that can be applied across a variety of sectors within the sport. 

The curriculum is designed by lecturers who are experts in their field and have international experience working within professional sports organisations including professional football clubs, national governing bodies for sports such as cricket, rugby union and athletics, and major events organisers like FIFA World Cup 2010 Local Organising Committee (LOC) etc. 

Students will gain practical exposure through internships in various sporting environments and networking opportunities with business leaders. Students graduating from our Bachelor’s Degree Programme will be able to confidently manage sporting enterprises or work effectively within large corporate entities that have substantial involvement in sport. 

You may find yourself working in areas such as sponsorship and marketing, community development programmes, event management, risk assessment and control systems or human resource planning. As you progress through your career it is likely that you will also assume leadership positions. 

We aim to prepare graduates for roles where they will make decisions that affect not only individuals but also larger groups of people both within the sport itself and its related industries outside of sport. In addition, we believe strongly in preparing graduates for a globalised future by exposing them to cultural diversity throughout their studies. 

The Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management 

The postgraduate diploma will provide you with a thorough understanding of best practices for managing sports, particularly large events. You will gain an insight into areas such as marketing, finance and media management, developing your abilities to become a well-rounded professional in your field. This is ideal if you are new to the industry or looking to break into a new area of sports management.

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For those who have more experience within a particular field of sports management, there is also flexibility in choosing your specialisation modules. 

A number of our courses offer online study options which means that you can fit your study around other commitments. The Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Event Management: This course will provide you with an insight into all aspects of managing events including event planning, marketing and sponsorship, as well as event finance and legal issues. 

You will learn how to plan and deliver successful events from small-scale sporting competitions to large-scale international championships. 

The Master’s Degree in Sport Management: If you are looking for a deeper understanding of sports management, then our Master’s degree may be ideal for you. This is available both on-campus and via distance learning – giving you even greater flexibility when it comes to fitting your studies around work or family commitments. 

The Postgraduate Degree Programme 

Sport, Recreation and Tourism at Stellenbosch University are designed to give postgraduate students a solid foundation in applied sports management. The programme covers areas such as sports marketing, management of sports development and organisation, sports sociology, human resource management, history of sport and administration of national governing bodies. 

It also gives students an opportunity to study abroad for part of their postgraduate degree at a partner university. This may be relevant to international applicants who wish to gain work experience overseas before returning home. 

As a postgraduate student you will have access to various facilities and services, including libraries; state-of-the-art lecture theatres; labs; recreational facilities; accommodation on campus or nearby (within walking distance); and career guidance services. 

You will learn from experienced lecturers who are industry professionals with years of experience working in professional sporting organisations, corporate companies or non-profit organisations. 

They bring first-hand knowledge and practical insights into your studies. In addition, all academic staff are active researchers who publish widely in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings. Research activities form an integral part of your learning experience, giving you opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research projects that contribute toward global knowledge creation. Students will have access to a number of funding opportunities through scholarships and bursaries offered by USSA and external funders.

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Sport and Recreation Management (Honours) 

A recognised undergraduate honours degree with a minimum average of 60% (UMS) or five B’s and one C. Candidates are required to have completed at least three full years of study, including second-year level management modules, or equivalent qualification as approved by Senate. 

It is also preferred that candidates have relevant work experience related to sports management. Candidates will be selected on academic merit, with preference given to applicants who demonstrate a high level of sports administration skills and involvement. Candidates should submit an application form, which can be downloaded from our website. 

They should also attach a CV and copies of their academic transcripts, together with evidence of any administrative roles they may have held in sport. Further information about entry requirements can be obtained from Admissions Office or Faculty Office via email:; 

Sport Recreation and Exercise Science (Honours) 

This degree program is offered by USFSM and aims to develop student’s analytical skills and knowledge of business principles and concepts through a study of physical activity, sport, recreation and exercise science. 

Students will be exposed to elements of both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies as well as have exposure to management theory and practice. 

The course also includes theoretical aspects of depth psychology, including cognitive development as it relates to pedagogy. Research interests include sports tourism, coaching dynamics, and educational technologies for sports science and sport for all. 

An internship opportunity within your field is provided with placement in local, regional or international organisations. Upon completion of a taught Master’s degree students may progress on to PhD studies at USFSM or other recognised institutions worldwide. 

Sports Science and Management 

A degree in sports science and management allows students to hone their athletic skills while also gaining a more generalized understanding of sports from a business perspective. 

This dual expertise helps graduates pursue careers that help athletes balance both physical and mental strength, as well as those focused on managing sporting events. Career options for sports management majors include coaching, administration, and event planning. 

Sport management courses teach students how to apply advanced mathematics, statistics, and finance concepts when working with teams or businesses related to athletics. Students may choose between different areas of specialization such as exercise physiology or biomechanics. An internship with an

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an organization such as an athletic team or league is highly recommended; however, some universities may offer credit for prior work experience instead. 

Where can I study sports management in South Africa? 

Studying sports management is a great career move. There are so many options when it comes to studying sports management, but where can you study it? 

1. Centurion Academy, Gauteng 

Centurion Academy is a sports management school located in Centurion, Gauteng. It provides programs for sports management degrees that can be taken online or at one of its campuses. Students interested in becoming sports managers or coaches can take advantage of these course offerings to ensure they are fully prepared for their future careers

The school also offers programs for individuals who want to learn about sports marketing and media. This could help them get ahead in their current position as well as give them something new to add to their resume. 

They also offer specialities in health science and entrepreneurship, allowing students to find an area that interests them most while still focusing on sports. This makes it easier for people who already have careers but want to become more involved with sports-related jobs. 

2. Vaal University of Technology, Vanderbijlpark 

The Vaal University of Technology offers a Masters’s in sports and Recreation Management through its Department of Management. This four-year programme involves two years of full-time study, followed by two years of part-time study (with a reduced workload). 

The degree is accredited by SAQA and is designed to prepare students for careers in sports administration at local, national or international levels. The course covers subjects such as sports law, marketing and sponsorship, human resource management, event management and public relations. A compulsory internship year is included towards the end of each year of study; students also have to complete an individual research project on an approved topic during their final year. 


The above sport management courses in South Africa, and as well how you can get started with these courses. What else more would you like to know? Kindly get in touch with us via the comment box.

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