Psychology Courses You Can Take in South Africa

Studying psychology can be a great way to explore the mind and human behaviour. There are several psychology courses in South Africa, each with advantages and disadvantages. 

Psychology Courses You Can Take in South Africa

Consider these five different psychology courses before deciding which one will best meet your needs and interests.

Psychology Courses You Can Take in South Africa

1. Introduction to Psychology

Whether you’re looking to understand better how your mind works or you’re interested in pursuing a degree related to psychology, Introduction to Psychology is a great place to start. 

This module covers fundamental human behaviour and thinking principles and is an essential prerequisite for many other psychology courses. 

It can also benefit those looking for some personal insight or development. What are your personality traits? What makes people behave in specific ways? Find out more about yourself with Introduction to Psychology. Contact us today to find out if we offer it at your nearest campus! (Available in Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban)

2. Social Psychology

One of sociology’s branches, social psychology, is a scientific field that concerns itself with how humans interact within groups. In South African academic institutions, as an undergraduate, you can take an Introduction to Social Psychology course at Wits University; for postgraduates (you must have completed your bachelor’s degree first), you can study Group Dynamics and Organisation Theory at Stellenbosch University. 

Both courses are worth four credits each. At UCT, students can also pursue their studies in Social Psychology by taking Theories of Intergroup Relations or Social Cognition: Attitudes and Prejudice – both worth six credits. 

And lastly, Rhodes University offers a fascinating course called Human Aggression: Evolutionary Perspectives on Causes and Consequences, which examines factors influencing human aggression through evolutionary theory.

This one is worth five credits too! If you’re interested in pursuing a psychology degree but aren’t sure where to start, check out our guide. We cover all of South Africa’s most reputable universities, explain what kind of jobs you can get after completing your studies, and advise what it takes to be successful.

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3. Criminal Justice

Understanding criminal behaviour is essential to understanding and preventing crime. One way to do that is by studying psychology, which could help you become a law enforcement officer or court-mandated therapist for violent offenders. Consider courses like Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice. 

If you’re already working as a police officer, consider taking higher-level courses like Analysis of Police Organizations. Or, if you want to understand how criminals think so you can prevent future crimes from happening, look into the Cognitive Processes of Crime. And if you’re going to teach others about how criminals think—like in schools—look into Education About Crime and Delinquency. These are just a few examples; explore your options with our complete list of psychology degrees. (And don’t forget to get some general education under your belt first.) 

With so many choices available, you decide what program will take time. Start by talking to faculty members at schools you’re interested in attending to see what they recommend. If you’re still unsure after that, consider taking a course or two and seeing if it suits your interests before committing. 

If all else fails, don’t be afraid to experiment with different programs—you can always go back and change your major later!

A psychology degree is an excellent way to prepare for a career in any number of fields: business management, law enforcement, education or social work are just a few examples. But if you’re not sure where your interests lie, don’t worry—that’s what college is all about! Explore your options and see what suits you best.

4. History of Psychotherapy

The History of Psychotherapy. A Brief Overview. 

Although psychotherapy has been around for centuries, people didn’t call it that until well into the 19th century, when pioneering pioneers like Jean-Martin Charcot coined terms like psychology and used neurology to study how our brains work. 

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His work inspired others to investigate these new psychological ideas, but many did not agree with his methods or what he was claiming. Sigmund Freud is one such individual who disagreed with him. 

Freud believed that we are all driven by unconscious desires and traumas from childhood, which we repress because they are too painful to confront head-on. 

He also believed that if we could access those memories through dreams and free association, we could finally resolve them once and for all. 

However, Freudian psychoanalysis wasn’t exactly a popular concept at first; after all, most of us don’t like thinking about our problems—let alone discussing them with strangers! But even though people weren’t ready to talk about their feelings openly at first, there were still others who saw value in his work. Carl Jung, for example, took up Freud’s mantle and created analytical psychology. Jung came up with some pretty exciting concepts: he thought that we each have an ego—or personality—that develops over time as we grow older. This ego consists of our conscious thoughts and actions, while other parts of ourselves exist outside of our awareness. He called these parts archetypes, which include things like our shadow (the dark side of ourselves), animus (our masculine traits) and anima (our feminine traits). It’s no wonder why so many people consider Jung, a pioneer of in-depth psychology! But, as you can see, much has changed since early practitioners began studying human behaviour and understanding why we do what we do.

5. Art Therapy

While there are many types of therapy, one that’s becoming increasingly popular is art therapy. 

Art therapy aims to enable you to express yourself using artwork and other forms of creativity, with trained therapists interpreting your work. Afterwards, they can help you understand your emotions and find ways to deal with them more effectively. In addition, learning how to use art as a means of communication can be beneficial. 

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For one thing, it can inspire you. And for another, it can provide an outlet for repressed feelings—which may otherwise manifest themselves through unhealthy behaviour. 

Art therapy is also commonly used to treat trauma victims and people who have experienced abuse or neglect. 

It’s also been shown to treat depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse problems, eating disorders and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). There are now several training programs available around the world. If you want to learn more about art therapy, check out these top online resources.

Schools you can study psychology in South Africa.

If you want to study psychology in South Africa, the below are schools which you should consider.

  1. The University of Port Elizabeth: This is one of the universities where you can study psychology courses in south africa. The university offers a range of other professional systems, which you can give a short.
  1. Rand Africaans University: Among the numerous university in South Africa that offers psychology courses, rand Africans university stands out as one of the best.
  1. University of Port Elizabeth: This is another school where you can leverage your educational career in psychology. This school offers one of the most comprehensive psychology courses in South Africa.
  1. Rhodes University: Studying psychology in South Africa has now become easier than before at Rhodes University. If you consider studying psychology in South Africa, consider Rhode university as your first choice. 
  1. The University of Nata Durban: This school has a good record for being one of the best schools in terms of psychology in South Africa.


The above are psychological courses in south Africa, you can take to explore your mind and human behaviour

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