Best Truck Driving schools in Mississippi [2023]

There are many truck driving schools in Mississippi. You can choose one that is near where you live, or you can even go online and take classes from the comfort of your home. There are a few things to consider when looking for a school such as cost, length of time for training, and what kind of license do you need?

How much does trucking school cost in Mississippi?

The cost of truck driving school in Mississippi varies by school. On average, students pay $1,000 for CDL training. This includes the price of the class and all associated fees.

In addition to tuition, other expenses may include transportation costs (gas). If you don’t have a car or can’t borrow one from someone else, buying one might be an option but this is another cost that adds up quickly. The average cost of the training itself is $1,000. However, it is possible to find schools that offer a better price. The best way to find out about rates at specific schools is by calling them directly. How long does it take to get a CDL in Mississippi? The amount of time needed for trucking school in Mississippi depends on the course. On average, students can expect to spend between two and three weeks at a training center. If you don’t have much experience behind the wheel or need more practice, it may take longer than this timeframe because you’ll be learning a lot more than just what’s required to pass your permit test.

How long is CDL School Mississippi?

The typical length of a CDL school program in Mississippi is 8 weeks. However, there are some schools that offer more accelerated programs that take less time to complete the course. These types of programs usually cost more than other options and can sometimes be difficult to find. To find out how long it will take you to complete your training program at any given school, call or visit their website directly and speak with an admissions officer or counselor. They will be able to give you a better idea of what type of schedule would work best for your situation as well as answer any questions that may come up along the way!

Another thing to consider is the cost of dental school. The average tuition for in-state students at a public school is $17,000 per year, while out-of-state students pay about $30,000 per year. Private schools can be significantly more expensive with an average annual cost of around $50,000 per year.

There is no standard length of time that it takes to complete a certificate program in Mississippi. However, most students can expect to finish their training within six months. This will give you enough time to get your foot in the door and begin working as an electrician’s apprentice without having to wait too long after graduation!

What is a Class B license in Mississippi?

A Class B license is a commercial driver’s license that allows you to drive a truck with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,000 pounds or less. It also allows you to operate a double or triple trailer. The GVWR of the vehicle is the maximum loadable weight of the vehicle, including fuel and all occupants (driver included).

In Mississippi, Class B licenses are available for drivers who have not previously held any other class of license. If you hold another type of commercial license in your home state, however, then this is not available for you in Mississippi as long as that out-of-state license remains valid and active.

If you’re unsure about what type of commercial driving credentials would benefit your career path best—or if you’re just curious about other opportunities available within the industry—consider enrolling in one of our comprehensive course offerings at one of our accredited truck driving schools located throughout Mississippi!

What local trucking companies will pay for CDL training?

As you might expect, the local trucking companies in Mississippi pay more for CDL training than other states. Here are some of the top payers:

  • Dart Transit: $1,500-$2,500
  • Koch: $1,000-$2,000
  • J.B. Hunt: $1,000-$3,000
  • Roush: $2,500-$4,000 (depending on if you’re a recent graduate or have experience)
  • Wyle – starting out at about $250 per day but can increase to over $300 after training is complete
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What is the best trucking company to start out with?

The best trucking company to start out with depends on your goals. If you want to make the most money and gain experience as quickly as possible, then it’s best to go with a company that has a good reputation for training their drivers. However, if you’re looking for work-life balance and prefer not going into debt, look for an established carrier that offers paid vacation time, health insurance benefits and other perks like 401(k) plans.

The best CDL license is one issued by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or Department of Transportation (DOT). Most states require applicants pass both a written knowledge test and road skills test before being issued their licenses; however some states may offer exemptions based on prior experience driving commercial vehicles or military service members who already hold valid CDLs from another state or country.

The cost of obtaining a commercial driver’s license varies widely depending on whether you are applying for an original or renewal license but can range anywhere from $50-$125 depending on where you live in Mississippi.*

What is the best CDL company to work for?

To find the best CDL company to work for, you will want to look for a company with a good reputation. You should also be sure that the company is committed to training their drivers well and providing them with a benefits package that they can rely on. Additionally, you will want to look into how much they pay their drivers and what kind of safety record they have.

How much is a CDL license?

The cost of a CDL license depends on the state you live in. For example, in Mississippi, you’ll have to pay $50 for your initial license and $30 each time it expires or renews. If you’re also applying for a Hazmat endorsement that will allow you to drive trucks with hazardous material, the total cost will be about $150.

The amount of money one can make as a truck driver varies widely depending on their experience level and type of work they perform. But generally speaking, drivers start out at around $18 per hour and move up from there (to as much as $45). This can add up quickly when factoring in all the additional benefits like overtime pay and health insurance coverage—which is why many people choose this job!

In Jackson: According to SalaryExpert’s data on livable wages across cities in America (the median salary), an average worker would need to make at least $22 hourly per year just so they could afford basic necessities like housing ($1,398/month), food ($367/month) and utilities ($278/month). A typical full-time employee makes about $28 hourly which means he or she would need at least 2 hours of overtime each week before making ends meet—and even then only if he doesn’t have any kids or dependents living with him! That’s why many people choose truck driving as their profession because it has better pay than most other jobs out there; especially if they get hired through one of those top companies we mentioned earlier…

CDL school in Mississippi

The state of Mississippi has a number of CDL schools, including Delta Technical College and Southwest Mississippi Community College.

Delta Technical College offers its students the opportunity to complete their coursework online or in a classroom setting. They offer both full-time and part-time programs, as well as career training opportunities.

Southwest Mississippi Community College has three locations to choose from in the state: McComb, Brookhaven, and Summit (where they also offer a campus). They offer multiple programs for aspiring truck drivers that range from certificate programs up through an associate degree in Transportation Management Technology.

 Delta Technical College 6550 D Interstate Blvd. Horn Lake, MS 38637 (662) 280-1443

Delta Technical College is a public school specializing in providing its students with an education that prepares them for careers in the transportation industry. Delta Tech offers programs in diesel mechanics, heavy equipment operations, welding and other trade skills.

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Located on 6550 D Interstate Blvd., Horn Lake, Mississippi 38637 this institution provides students with hands-on training that allows them to develop the skills necessary to enter one of many rewarding careers within the transportation field. Students can choose from full-time or part-time study options as well as daytime or evening schedules. In addition to their main campus address above they have locations in West Point and Olive Branch as well as online access through their website at

 Delta Technical College 113 Market Ridge Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157 (601) 206-5200

Delta Technical College offers a variety of training programs. The school’s Truck Driving program gives students the opportunity to earn their CDL license and get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle such as a tractor-trailer, straight truck or tanker. The program consists of both classroom instruction and on-the-road training. Students learn how to safely operate their vehicle in various driving conditions as well as related laws and regulations. Upon completion of this class, which takes about five months, students will receive their Class A license from the Mississippi Department of Public Safety (DPS).

Classes are offered at the following locations:

  • 6550 D Interstate Blvd., Horn Lake
  • 113 Market Ridge Drive, Ridgeland

 DSC TRAINING ACADEMY 840 East River Place, Suite 605/606 Jackson, MS 39202 601-355-3889

DSC Training Academy is a trucking school located in Jackson, MS. The company offers courses for drivers seeking their CDL and also provides classes on safety and other topics. Students can complete the course in as few as eight weeks. The school provides all the necessary materials for students who want to get their CDL. The training includes classroom work and behind-the-wheel instruction. The school offers different levels of training to fit the needs of its students. It has a variety of course options for those looking to get their CDL, as well as entry-level programs such as Hazmat Specialist and Motorcycle Operator Safety Training. In addition, DSC offers continuing education classes like Driver Improvement and Defensive Driving Course. DSC Training Academy has been in business for over 35 years and has helped thousands of drivers earn their Class A commercial driver’s license (CDL). The company offers a variety of classes at its facilities in Jackson and Ridgeland, Mississippi.

East Mississippi Community College 8731 S Frontage Rd Mayhew, MS 39453 662-243-1967

  • What they offer:

EMCC offers an 18-month course that includes classroom training, behind the wheel instruction and student and instructor evaluation. The course includes a minimum of 120 hours behind the wheel for students who already have a CDL license. For those without their CDL, EMCC requires 144 hours of training (72 hours in class and 72 hours on the road). The school also provides a guaranteed job placement package that includes help with resume writing and interview preparation.

  • What they don’t offer:

No financial aid is available for this program; however, East Mississippi can work with you to secure funding through local businesses if needed.

Kingdom CDL Services 417 Highway 82 E Indianola, MS 38751 662-887-2255

Kingdom CDL Services is a truck driving school that offers a variety of services for students, including classroom training and hands-on driving. They have various trucks on hand to help trainees learn the basics of driving in a safe environment before they’re out on the road with other drivers in more difficult conditions. Kingdom also has jobs available as soon as you complete your class, so if you’d like to work immediately after getting licensed (or even before), this is the place for you! Their application process includes submitting an application online or in person at their office at 417 Highway 82 E in Indianola, MS 38751.

 Miller-Motte Tech 12121 Hwy 49 Gulport, MS 39503 888-220-4268

Miller-Motte Tech is an accredited truck driving school in Mississippi that provides students with the training, knowledge and hands-on experience they need to begin their career as a commercial truck driver. A career as a professional truck driver has many benefits:

  • You’ll earn up to $80,000 per year depending on what type of equipment you drive, where you drive it and how often you’re on the road.
  • You can work for any company that operates large trucks or buses in your area (including FedEx, UPS or a local trucking company).
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Miller-Motte Tech offers both classroom training and hands-on instruction at its state of the art facility in Gulport, MS 39503.

 Northwest Mississippi Community College 8750 Deerfield Dr. Olive Branch, MS 38654 662-280-6181

Northwest Mississippi Community College is an accredited school that offers both truck driving programs and CDL training. Students can choose from a variety of different courses, including:

  • Commercial Drivers License (CDL) course
  • General education courses

Students who enroll in this program will benefit from the hands-on learning experience it provides. Instructors are available to help students with any questions or concerns they might have, and they make sure that all students are able to grasp the material easily before moving on to more advanced topics.

 SEC Training Centers 2254 Flowood Dr. Flowood, MS 39232 877-285-8621

SEC Training Centers is a good choice for CDL school. They have trained hundreds of students to become professional truck drivers and are proud to offer the best class in Mississippi. SEC Training Centers offers their students a number of benefits, including:

  • Small class sizes
  • An experienced staff of instructors who know the industry inside and out
  • A variety of services available, including truck driving schools and other vocational training

 TDI Truck Driver Institute 20214 Highway 49 Saucier, MS 39574 800-848-7364

TDI Truck Driver Institute is a truck driving school located in Saucier, MS. With over 20 years of experience, they offer various types of training for new and experienced drivers alike. Their classes are taught by professional instructors who have been working with the company for many years and have extensive knowledge about the industry. The school offers licensing assistance, job placement services, and more to help you get started on your career path as quickly as possible. They are also an accredited member of the American Association For Truck Accreditation (AATA) which means that all of their courses adhere to AATA standards for quality assurance and training excellence when it comes to preparing new drivers for success on the road.

 TDI Truck Driver Institute 341 East Franklin Street Tupelo, MS 38802 800-848-7364

The TDI Truck Driver Institute is a truck driving school located at 341 East Franklin Street in Tupelo, Mississippi. The school’s phone number is 601-485-5118, and their website can be found at

The TDI Truck Driver Institute offers courses that cover everything from pre-trip inspections to commercial vehicle maintenance and repair, with an emphasis on safety behind the wheel of any vehicle type. The curriculum includes online education as well as hands-on training with real trucks on actual highways across the country—allowing you to get your CDL license in just 16 weeks or less!

 Truck Driver Training 6101 H Street Meridian, MS 39307 601-485-5118

Truck Driver Training is a company that offers training for those seeking employment as truck drivers in the state of Mississippi. The school has been in operation since 2010 and currently has three campuses across the central and southern parts of the state: one campus in Meridian, one at Jackson State University, and one near Natchez. It also offers an online program through its website ( The company’s goal is to provide job placement assistance to students who complete their coursework successfully, but they do not guarantee employment after graduation.

Mississippi is a great place to get started in trucking. There are many companies that will pay for your CDL training, there are several schools that offer classes at both the high school and college level, and there are plenty of local jobs available as well

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