Best Pepper Spray for College Students

Looking for the best pepper spray for college students? If yes, then this article is all you need.

It does not matter what level you are in college, there are times you might get into a dangerous situation. And when in any of such situations, it is important that you have something to protect yourself with. At the thought of an object for protection, you might think about a gun or perhaps a small knife.

Well, in most parts of the world, to have a gun, you will need a license. And even after getting a license, you can’t freely move about with one. Additionally, moving around with a knife is frowned at in many countries. It is something that is associated with criminals.

So, how do you protect yourself in college? 

You do not have to do much before you can effectively protect yourself while in college. Something as simple as a pepper spray can give you a good deal of protection.

Beyond knowing that you can defend yourself with a pepper spray, if you are a college student, it is vital that you know the best pepper spray for college students.

Contained in this article are the best pepper sprays for college students and all that you need to arm yourself with when shopping for one.

Best Pepper Spray for College Students

What is a Pepper Spray?

A pepper spray is a tool for self defense. It is very much associated with women. Nonetheless, it can also be used by men. It is every much different from guns and knives because it is legal. Also, it is not lethal. It is contained in a canister and comes in several forms. To use it, you simply need to press a button and its content will be released.

Best Pepper Spray for College Students

1. SABRE Runner Pepper Gel, Maximum Police Strength OC Spray

When you purchase the Sabre runner pepper gel, you will be buying a product that is used by the police. This gives you an idea of how effective it is. This product features 35 bursts. So, the likelihood that you will run out of bursts when someone attacks you is very slim. Due to the reflective hand strap that this device comes with, moving around with it is very effortless. Also, finding it in your bag should not take you a lot of time.

This product comes with a powerful steam of gel which ensures that you do not struggle to use it. Also, you can use it easily over a distance as it was designed to keep you safe from an attacker that is about 12 feet way from you. The implication of this is the likelihood that an attacker will even get the opportunity to come close to you before you are able to defend yourself is slim.

This pepper spray comes in a bright color. The implication of this is you will not struggle to locate it in your bag or wherever you have it kept.

Since this product comes with several bursts, it can be used in protecting yourself against multiple attackers. This is vital as several attacks are usually not perpetrated by one person.


  • It features a warranty of 4 years
  • It features 35 bursts
  • It features a reflective hand strap
  • It weighs 0.21 pounds.


  • It works over a long distance
  • It is portable
  • It offers good value for money


  • Its alarm could fall out of holster.
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  • This device is one that can save you from several bad days. It is worth every penny spent.

 where to buy from

The best place to buy ths product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price and a wonderful customer care service.


2. PepperBall Live-X Police Grade Projectiles, Powerful Non Lethal Pepper spray 

This pepper spray is one that can be trusted to keep you safe. It has a 60 feet range. This implies that attackers have no chance of getting close to you before you defend yourself.

This pepper spray is produced in the United States and is very effective even if it does not hit its targeted directly in the eyes. It can keep an attacker coughing for some minutes, thereby, giving you ample time to get out of danger.


  • It measures 6 by 5 by 0.05 inches
  • IT weighs 3 grams


  • It is non-flammable
  • It covers a long distance.


  • It does not come with several shots


This product might be non-lethal. However, it will always get the job done.

where to buy from

The best place to buy ths product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price and a wonderful customer care service.


3. Kuros! by Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray, Personal Alarm, or Pocket Pepper Spray

Kuros! By Mace Brand Pocket Pepper Spray works as both a pepper spray and an alarm. This product is a blend of a maximum straight formula and a high-level deliver system. Also, it is one that can keep you protected from an attacker that is 10 ft away. Due to the distance it covers it is one that every college student should move around campus with and also have in their dormitory.

With this product’s finger grip design, you will not struggle to hold on to it. Also, accuracy will almost never be a challenge.

Kuros! By Mace Pepper Spray is made in the United States and has its content in a teal hard case.


  • It features a teal hard case
  • It is produced in the United States
  • It features an inbuilt key-cabin clip


  • It comes with a backup whistle
  • It is easy to use


  • It is not very affordable


This product is one that virtually everyone can make use of. Ir also offers good value for money.

where to buy from

The best place to buy ths product is from Amazon. They’ve got this product at the best price and a wonderful customer care service.


Buyer’s Guide

A pepper spray can is a lot different from a can of milk or a can of your favorite beverage. If you have never bought one or are not used to buying one, you might struggle to get the right one. Well, there are things you have to be on the lookout for when shopping for pepper spray as a college student.

Let’s walk through some of the factors you need to consider when looking to buy a pepper spray for college students

Consider Safety Features

One of the first things you have to consider when shopping for pepper sprays for college students is the safety features that they come with. It does not matter who you are; a regular person that enjoys keeping late nights or a law enforcement officer. Sprays that come with safety switches are less likely to give out their content, thereby getting you or the people around you injured

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Not every pepper spray comes with safety features. While there is no rule that states that you must get a pepper spray with safety features, if you are not experienced with pepper sprays, you just have to settle for one that has safety features.

Types of Pepper Spray

As it stands, pepper sprays are of three major types. They are foam, cone, and stream. These different types of pepper sprays are good in various situations. Also, they come with unique advantages and disadvantages

Stream sprays work more like a water gun. They were designed to help you protect yourself from an attacker over a distance. This way, you do not have to wait for anyone looking to attack you to get close before you defend yourself. Additionally, this type of pepper spray is liquid based. This means, you will not have to worry about pepper coming back to you if there is a change of wind. This spray might be great for protection over a distance. However, it might not be very accurate. It is not very effective for getting into the eyes of an attacker. Also, it might not work if you are attacked by several people.

Cone pepper sprays can be slightly compared to a hairspray bottle in its way of working. It is very forceful and can cover a long distance. Furthermore, it was designed to cover a broad area. So, if aiming is not something you are good at, you can still get the best out of using it. Additionally, the content of this pepper spray does not fizzle out immediately after it is sprayed. It stays in the air momentarily in case the attacker wants to make another move. The downside of this type of pepper spray is it could come back at you if the wind changes direction. Additionally, its range might not be as long as those of stream pepper sprays.

Foam pepper sprays might not cover as much distance as the other types of pepper sprays. However, they are the most effective over a short distance. They are so effective; they can be used against some one that is putting on glasses. They can be used in covering an attacker’s face. Additionally, they are best used indoors because of the short distance that they cover.

Consider Strength

All pepper sprays do not have the same strength level. Generally, they feature an ‘MC rating’. MC is an acronym for Major Capasaicinoids and is an indication of how strong a pepper spray is. MC ratings are in percentages. So, the higher the percentage, the stronger and hotter the  pepper spray.

Number of Shots

Every pepper spray has a particular number of shots. This is something you must consider before settling for anyone. Experienced pepper spray users might be able to do a lot when using a pepper spray with few shots. However, if you are not very experienced with the use of pepper sprays, you might want to decipher how many shots it can give you before buying it. This way, you do not run out of shots in the middle of an attack.

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Should You Test Pepper Spray?

Yes, if you have a can of pepper spray, it is expedient that you test it occasionally. This is not a difficult thing to do. Also, it is something that you should do every 3 to 6 months. When looking to test pepper sprays, you should go out of a confined space. Also, it has to be on a day when there is no wind. To get started press and hold down the pepper spray for half a second. This way, you can find out of it is still working properly.

Is Pepper Spray Legal?

Pepper spray is generally legal. However, it is not absolutely legal in every part of the world. Additionally, the rules binding its use have different regulations in various parts of the world even when it is legal. Although it is legal to have a pepper spray, you should know the rules binding its use in your city before buying one.

Is Pepper Spray a Good Self Defense weapon?

Yes, it is a good self defense weapon. It is perhaps the best non-lethal self-defense weapon.

What Kind of Pepper Spray does the Police Use?

The police makes use of Police Magnum Pepper Spray. It is rich in one of the most active pepper spray concentrations that the law permits. Also, several police departments make use of it.

How Best Should Pepper Spray be Stored?

The best way to store your pepper spray is in a cool environment. It should not be close to strong light, flame, or heat. Also if temperature might be more than 50 degree Celsius, you should not store your pepper spray in such area. If you store pepper spray wrongly, the canister could get under extreme pressure and could end up leaking. If this happens, it will not function properly. That’s not all. You should avoid storing pepper spray cans at temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius. If this is done, the pepper spray can will face depressurization and its range could be affected.

Consider What you are Avoiding

People have pepper sprays for various reasons. Some do so to avoid bad people. Others have pepper sprays because they are trying to stay protected form animal attack. It could seem like all pepper sprays are the same regardless of why you need one. They, however, are not the same. So, it is important to consider the exact reason you need a pepper spray before buying one. The ideal pepper spray for humans might not work for animals.


How Long before Pepper Spray Wears Off?

There is no fixed time before pepper spray wears off. The time before pepper spray wears off is dependent on how strong it is. However, you should expect pepper spray to stay active for about 30-45 minutes.

Should Pepper Spray be replaced Frequently?

If you must get the best from the use of pepper sprays, you will need to store them properly. However, even when stored properly, at some point, you need to replace them. It is recommended that you replace pepper spray after 1 – 2 years. This should be done before the expiration of the canister.


When getting a canister of pepper sore in college, you must note that pepper spray might not keep you protected from hardened criminals. It can only help you stay safe when attacked by regular criminals.

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