Best Driving Schools In Minnesota

Want to get the best driving schools in Minnesota? If yes, this article was specially written for you.

Minnesota is one of the pearls of New York City and is one of the most important places in NYC. Minnesota has contributed so much to the history of this iconic city and you cannot talk about the city of New York without mentioning Minnesota. 

Now if you happen to live in Minnesota, then this is for you because we would be talking about a popular question and inquiry: what is the best driving school in Minnesota. 

The best driving school in Minnesota is Sky Auto Driving School located at 1968 Marmion Ave, Minnesota, NY 10460. 

How much does a driving school cost in New York (Minnesota)? 

The cost of driving to schools in Minnesota and the whole New York area generally varies but from various trusted sources we have gotten an acceptable average rate which is as follows; a 60 Minute regular lesson costs $65, a 1.5-hour regular lesson costs $95 and a 60 Minutes Highway lesson (driver license) costs $95. 

As I said above, these costs can vary so do make necessary inquiries before you choose a particular place. 

What time is best for driving lessons? 

Learning how to drive is an adult milestone and one you have to be very intentional about if you wish to succeed in it, so choosing the right time for your lessons goes a long way to help. It is recommended that for new drivers and those that have low experience when the road is least busy, the best time ranges from late morning to mid-afternoon (around 2 pm). 

Best Driving Schools In Minnesota

Best Driving Schools in Minnesota 

Some of the Best Driving Schools in the Minnesota include;


The first mention on this list is Sky Auto Driving School and it’s the best driving school in all of Minnesota. It has garnered quite a positive rating because of his or her methods of approach, which is very personalized for each student. 

This is evident with their point of action when you enrolled which is to have a talk with you about your experience and the type of learning style that fits you, they patiently allow you to lay your fears bare and broach the topic of how to deal with them.

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The school is one of the most popular and one of the oldest driving schools in Minnesota being established in 1998 and annually trains over 5000 people in the New York area alone. 

Their teaching approach focuses on safety and a high standard of driver training; they have some of the most equipped facilities and equipment in the whole state. 

Sky Auto offers the following opportunities for their students 

Highway and Road driving Lessons 

Stick Shift Driving Lessons 

Motorcycle riding Lessons as well as Cdl lessons 

Address: 1968 Marmion Ave, Minnesota, NY 10460, 2489 Jerome Ave, Minnesota, NY 10468 Phone: (718) 716-2178, (718) 618-0017 


The next worthy mention on the list of the best driving schools in Minnesota is Valentino Driving School, a huge contender of Sky Auto driving school, this school focuses on standards specifically and provides professional results. 

They provide the following unique services: 

Road Test Appointments for students who need road experience. 

Address: 234 Willis Ave #1, Minnesota, NY 10454 

Phone: (718) 292-5020 


With a unique name, this is a people’s favourite in the entire Minnesota area, it is relatively young just being 11 years old, but its strides have been huge with the school graduating hundreds of students in the short time of its establishment. 

They have a dedicated team of staff that would help you out with any issues you might be having in your driving and automobile life, they help you get past the stringent list of road requirements while offering assistance with so many other professional services such as taxes and insurance services. 

They offer the following unique services; 

Telemundo driving school offers an iconic and competitive 5-hour Pre-licensing Course before practice. They have a lot of flexible Personalized Driving Packages for students 

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They offer Car Rental services.


This is another unique driving school, is no doubt one of the best driving schools in Minnesota, and has a flexible teaching strategy that divides its curriculum into two, one for professional lessons for beginners, and the other for experienced drivers. 

The basics of driving are covered in the course for beginners, advanced techniques, and defensive driving skills for experienced drivers. 

They Offer the Following unique services 

Individual and personalized tutoring 

A comprehensive 5-hour Class 

Road Test Appointments are available 

Car for Road Test available 

Address: 2915 Middletown Rd, Minnesota, NY 10461 

Phone: (347) 810-5465 

4. Minnesota DRIVING SCHOOL 

Easily the oldest driving school on this list and named after the area itself, this is definitely one of the best driving schools in Minnesota. 

Their teaching style is relaxed where you are allowed to learn at your own pace with caring teachers who are encouraging and friendly at every step of the journey. 

Unique Services Offered; 

A 6-Hour Defensive Driving Class 

CDL Training lessons 

Road and highway speed and driving Lessons 

A 5 Hour Pre-licensing class for all students. 

Address: 1213 Castle Hill Ave, Minnesota, NY 10462 

Phone: (718) 409-0171 


When it comes to popularity, this driving school is unparalleled and has been around for 25 years. Its good name has been engraved into people’s memories over the years and is a top choice among many Minnesota residents.

They have graduated quite a lot of students over the years and are duly certified and licensed; they focus on the excellence of their students a lot and tend to reassure their students in order to boost their confidence. 

Unique Services Offered; 

A Pre- Licensing Driving Course and an amazing 

Defensive Driving Course offered at the same time. 

Address: 989 Westchester Ave, Minnesota, NY 10459 

Phone: (917) 473-7090 


One of the best driving schools in Minnesota, Janice deserves a place on this list as they offer their professional services for an affordable rate as well as Notary, car insurance, life insurance, business insurance, and commercial insurance are also various services that Janice offers along with its driving services. 

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Unique Services Offered include; 

Affordable Rates 

Address: 923 Southern Blvd, Minnesota, NY 10459 

Phone: (718) 991-3478 


Definitely one of the most popular places on this list, Ruki offers its services for both new and old drivers. They teach with a friendly approach making the learning process less awkward. 

Established in 2013, it has garnered quite the popularity with students from all over New York clamouring to learn here, they also happen to teach motorcycles alongside their driving lessons too. 

Unique Services Offered; 

Winter Driving LESSONS to train people to get used to ice on the road and other forms of bad weather. Driving lessons for senior citizens. 

Adult In-car Lessons. 

Defensive Driving lessons and manual car lessons for those interested. 

Address: 2152B Westchester Ave, Minnesota, NY 10462 

Phone: (917) 688-7462


Last but definitely not least is On Time Driving School, which is iconic and an honourable mention at the same time, this is because it’s a community-based school, not a private establishment and it caters to everyone even adults and its teaching is hinged on safety and standards. 

They teach how to drive in desperate conditions such as rain, ice and snow, fires and storms, they also explore the effects of drugs and alcohol on drivers and how to deal with such addictions, in short, they teach and perform therapy indirectly. 

Unique Services offered 

Personalized classes 

Online classes and lessons 

Commercial Driving License 

Address: 888 E 233rd St, Minnesota, NY 10466 

Phone: (929) 222-4445 


I hope you enjoyed the article. There are several schools worthy of mention in the list of the best driving schools in Minnesota but these were the best of the best.

If you feel that there’s a school worthy of mention that wasn’t mentioned, please reach out to us in the Comment section. Thank You.

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